Ah, the school project science standard, the Volcano! Our modern twist is using shredded documents vs. newspaper to get the built up mass. Mixing the shred and glue is a gooey highlight. *By the way, though this volcano was made at Create STUDIO, It is an awesome in-class project with All campus only materials to […]

It’s All In How You See it.

Cardboard is probably one of the highest produced recyclable materials that comes to school campuses in the form of delivery boxes. We see these boxes anoither way, as saw materials to use in a number of creative ways. Cardboard letters and initials are perfect for student learning and artistic ownership. Try using your cardboard scraps […]


Are you done with your boxes? Games missing pieces? Don’t cast them off! Reuse them! We love boxes for so many reuse possibilities that card great for no pun intended, out-of-the-box thinking. In their original state boxes like these make great structural works or cut into pieces they can become just about anything else! The […]