Ah, the school project science standard, the Volcano! Our modern twist is using shredded documents vs. newspaper to get the built up mass. Mixing the shred and glue is a gooey highlight. *By the way, though this volcano was made at Create STUDIO, It is an awesome in-class project with All campus only materials to […]

Try this!

We love this easy classroom project idea we spotted on Pinterest! All you need is: Plain paper Black Sharpe Straw (ask in your school cafeteria) Watercolor paints Have the kids do this in steps: 1. Draw a face on the paper with sharpie. 2. Take watercolors and paint basic lines for hair with a nice […]


Spotlighting yarn this month we wanted to know how yarn is made? We found a cool link on Made How where we got the scoop about how wool, silk, cotton, polyester and other fibers become yarn. It’s all In the twist!